Prescription Policy

In Australia, you do not technically need a prescription for the supply of CPAP therapy equipment, but it is “best practice” to request a prescription before supply, so therefore it is in your best interest to provide as many details as possible, before purchase, especially if this is your very first CPAP machine.

It is recommended to talk to our qualified experts to discuss your individual needs before going ahead with anything, unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you want, or are replacing and older device, and are just looking for the best deal.

For patients who are simply replacing or buying a second machine, Evidence of previously diagnosed or treated Sleep Apnea is ‘preferred’ (But not essential) before supply, which could be as simple as a previous receipt, or a downloaded report from an older machine, which proves you were on CPAP prior to this purchase, but this is not essential, just “best practice”

You are the customer, and you can choose to not provide this information of you don’t want to, and go straight to purchase.


CPAP prescriptions and relevant paperwork can be sent to us in four simple ways:

  • Fax a copy to 07 07 3014 0175
  • Upload the Prescription using the Prescription Upload File
  • Email your prescription to
  • Take a photo of your prescription and text it to 07 3287 2385


You should also note that your CPAP prescription can be obtained from your primary doctor, if you don’t already have a copy.  If your physician is aware that you use a CPAP and has a record of a sleep study in which you participated, he or she will typically be willing to issue a prescription in order for you to obtain your supplies.  We even have a form that your physician can use to create the prescription. DOWNLOAD HERE

Handwritten prescriptions using a standard pad will be accepted. However, your prescription must include the following information:

  • Name of physician
  • Physician contact information
  • Physician signature
  • Information about the needed equipment (ex. CPAP mask, CPAP, etc.)
  • Pressure setting information for CPAP / Bi-level machine

Download form here to take to your GP


Prescription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there help available for my CPAP prescription?

Definitely, Our CPAP experts are happy to assist you with questions involving your CPAP prescription. You can contact us by email, phone, live chat, or fax.


Can I use an old CPAP prescription?

You sure can, the only issue may be that your pressure may have changed, which may restrict you to only being able to purchase auto titrating machines.


What should my prescription for a CPAP say?

There are a variety of standard elements that should be included on a prescription for your CPAP equipment. Your name, your physician’s information, and his or her signature should be included.


CPAP Machine

  • It should use the phrase “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” or “CPAP”
  • Specific pressure, like, “8 CM/H2O”, or simply “8”.


APAP Machine

  • A phrase related to APAP: AutoSet, APAP, Auto CPAP, Self Adjusting CPAP, AutoPAP, Auto Adjusting CP, CPAP
  • Optional pressure range indication (ex. 5-20 or  5-20 CM/H20)


Bi-level Machine Prescription

  • Phrasing such as VPAP, BiLevel, or BiPAP
  • Inspiration pressure (ex. IPAP 13 CM/H20 or IPAP 13)
  • Expiration pressure (ex EPAP 11 CM/H20 or EPAP 11)


Bi-level Auto Machine Prescription

  • Phrasing such as VPAP, BiLevel, BiPAP, BiPAP Auto
  • IPAP (inspiration pressure) and EPAP (expiration pressure) may not be needed for BiPAP Auto.


Bi-level ST Machine

  • Phrasing such as VPAP ST, Synchrony ST, or BiPAP ST
  • Must include a BPM setting or backup
  • Must contain inspiration pressure
  • Must contain expiration pressure


Bi-level, ASV, Auto SV Machine

  • Phrasing such as BiPAP Servo Ventilation or BiPAP SV or ASV
  • May include a BPM setting or backup
  • Contains IPAP minimum or maximum
  • Contains EPAP


Bi-level AVAP Machine

  • Phrasing such as BiPAP AVAP, AVAP, BiLevel AVAP, BiPAP ST, or Volume Assured Pressure Support (average)
  • Contains estimated tidal volume.



  • Phrasing such as CPAP supplies, CPAP, CPAP humidifier, CPAP mask, APAP, Auto CPAP, AutoSet, etc.


CPAP Humidifier

  • Phrasing such as CPAP, HH, Humidifier, CPAP Humidifier, CPAP supplies, etc.