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If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea we have many treatment options.

Some people are recommended simple changes to their sleeping habits and may just require something to assist them to stay on their sides when sleeping, Others can try mouth guards to open the airway ( MAS ) although these are usually only suitable for very mild conditions. There is also an option for EPAP ( Provent ) which is worn under your nose each night, to open the airways, however these are also mainly suitable for milder conditions, Or lastly and the most popular, there is CPAP or APAP. (Click here to see what is CPAP)

Patients who had their sleep study in a sleep lab or a hospital who were diagnosed with Sleep apnoea will have already had a titration ( pressure test ) or second night in a lab. These patients will have been given a prescription, which we will need to see before we can commence treatment. The prescription will tell us the required settings for your CPAP machine. In most cases the prescription will also recommend the mask for your CPAP and the kind of machine required. Don’t worry, your mask will be comfortable and your CPAP machine easy to use.

If you had a portable home study, either through us, or somewhere else and your results indicated sleep apnoea your assessing sleep physician may recommend a CPAP trial. These recommendations will be recorded on your sleep study results, and we will need to have a copy before we can commence treatment. If this is the case for you, during your CPAP trial we will monitor adherence to therapy, the efficacy of therapy, and use an APAP machine for titration to determine the right pressure. This is usually for a period of 2 weeks to 2 months. We will help you choose the most suitable and comfortable mask and machine and when we have conclusive results regarding your pressure titration, we will contact your referring sleep physician to approve the swap over to CPAP if required, however, some patients decide to stay APAP therapy instead of swapping over to CPAP.

There is a lot of information to learn when first starting on CPAP or APAP, and you will initially require a few follow ups and machine data downloads to make totally sure you are on the right track and nothing is going wrong. We will work together and go over everything until you are totally confident using CPAP/APAP and are able to monitor and manage your own therapy.

Remember, you will be the best judge if something isn’t quite right, so talk to us as soon as you suspect there might some issues that need to be looked into further.

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