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CPAP ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure ) is a common and very effective treatment for Sleep Apnoea. This is why it is the most recommended treatment by sleep physicians Australia wide.

CPAP or APAP is the delivery of gentle air pressure in the form of an airway splint to assist your airway to remain open during sleep. The pressure required to keep the airway open depends on how severe you sleep apnoea is. CPAP does not breathe for you, is simply opens the airway to facilitate your own breathing.

There are two different types of PAP ( positive airway pressure ) devices, CPAP or APAP

CPAP is a fixed continuous airway pressure pre determined in titration.

APAP is an auto adjusting pressure determined by your PAP machine as you breath. It will measure resistance in the airway and modify pressure to ensure airways are open

CPAP and APAP therapy is delivered through a mask which covers either the nostrils only, the whole nose, or the mouth and nose together. If selected in consultation with a clinician, your mask will be comfortable and easy to use.


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