Most of us are aware of the impacts to our bodies from poor sleep and bad sleep hygiene, however, did you know that a lack of sleep can have serious implications to our eyesight.

Vision is our most important sense and the one we rely on.  It is important that you do not ignore the warning signs when it comes to your sleep & vision health.

Are you obtaining the right amount of sleep?

Not obtaining the right amount of sleep or good sleep hygiene can have a major impact on our overall eye health.  We often blame dark circles under our eyes as a lack of sleep, but understanding the cause and the ramifications to our eye health due to a lack of sleep, allows us the opportunity to investigate and ensure our overall sleep health is being cared for.

What are Eye Health Risk Factors?

Sleep apnea has been associated as a risk factor for glaucoma, an eye disease that can lead to loss of vision. Developing glaucoma is more likely to occur for people that have sleep apnea but, can also impact undiagnosed sleep apnea patients, so it is important to have your sleep assessed by experienced sleep therapists to minimise the risk of developing the disease.

Over time, several other ramifications on your vision can include popped blood vessels due to the lack of sleep and eye strain. You can also experience dry eye which is a condition where your eyes are not properly lubricated.

Ensuring that you provide your body with the maximum sleep time recommended as well as resting will help in your overall health & vision health.  During sleep is when our bodies repair, so depriving your body of sleep time, can contribute to vision problems among other health issues.

Understanding the impacts sleep has on your health is a fundamental aspect of Synergy Sleeps core value of “Working together for healthier sleep”

Time to do something about it!

If you feel underwhelmed by the amount of sleep you are getting and you are motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then it is time for you to do something about it.

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