Home Sleep Studies
Synergy Sleep offer “at home” sleep studies, which are more convenient for the patient and allow the patient the comfort of being in their home environment. The waiting time for studies is negligible.  Research has concluded that home sleep studies are just as effective as the traditional lab PSG pathway, and CPAP adherence ( if required )  may actually be better with the home pathway. Should something more complex be detected by the overnight home test, and further investigation needed, Synergy Sleep can arrange further lab assessment t as well as MSLT and MWT testing.

Exceeding MBS rebates for testing.
Whilst it appears that most other home sleep study services don’t meet MBS requirements for home sleep testing, Synergy Sleep exceeds them. Many other home tests require the patient to “wire themselves up” to the device and signal quality cannot be tested which may cause a need for retesting together with inaccurate diagnosis of OSA.  Synergy Sleep use the latest home testing equipment and their ambulatory tests utilise additional signals to ensure all measures are taken to get an accurate test every time, including PLMs. Patients are “wired up” by qualified staff and bio-calibrations are carried out to ensure good signal quality for every study. In the unlikely event a re-test is required, Synergy Sleep retest in a timely manner at no additional cost.

Bulk Billing.
Synergy Sleep offer a bulk billed home sleep testing service with no out of pocket charges to the patient. This includes a clinical review of the results with one of our sleep scientists where the patient is counselled on sleep health and the physiology of their diagnosis

Experienced and qualified Staff
The staff at Synergy Sleep have over 12 years’ experience in the sleep health field and hold the requisite qualifications to ensure your patients get the very best knowledge and support relating to their sleep health. Synergy Sleep hold Sleep Health Foundation accreditation and are members of the ASA and ASTA.  GPs will be confident that their patients are treated with understanding and a strong commitment to therapeutic outcomes.  Synergy Sleep offer a superior service and has a reputation for outstanding support.

Dr John Feenstra
Dr John Feenstra is a Thoracic and Sleep Physician with special interest in obstructive sleep apnoea, complex sleep disordered breathing, and pulmonary arterial hypertension, and is the consulting Physician for Synergy Sleep.

He is one of four sleep physicians in South East Queensland with Level 2 Sleep qualifications. He is also the head physician for the pulmonary vascular disease unit at the Prince Charles Hospital and the Director of the Wesley Pulmonary Hypertension Unit.

Dr Feenstra is the academic head of Medicine at the Uniting Care Health Clinical School. He holds the academic position of Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland, Griffith University and Bond University.

Forming a partnership with your GP
Synergy Sleep seek to partner with your GP to provide the best possible outcome for you. The Clinic will notify the GP of the commencement of treatment, provide copies of results, the efficacy of therapy or failure to treat any diagnosed condition.  Your GP will be fully informed on your treatment progress.

Dept. Of Veteran Affairs
Synergy Sleep is proud to have been selected as a provider of therapy to DVA patients. Patients whom hold a valid DVA white card are provided all therapy equipment at no charge as per the DVA agreement, as well as our 5 year support program.  DVA patients qualify for home visits (if required) at no charge.

Support Programs.
Synergy Sleep offer their patients a 5 year service and support program, where there will no charges for consultations, therapy assessments, remote monitoring retesting, mask fittings or anything relating to their diagnosed sleep disorder.

The Clinic.
Synergy Sleep is open 6 days a week and can be contacted after hours should patients need immediate support. The Clinic houses 3 treatment rooms so patients can be seen at very short notice. Privacy and confidentiality are assured.